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Why Is Peace So Hard to Find?

Today is the slowest day we will live. Doesn't feel that slow right?!

As we experience advances in technology and the 'always on' society, life can feel intense, hard to switch off from, difficult to find space to grow, evolve and heal from.

The world around is rapid, chaotic and in some cases with wars, economic struggles and environmental disasters feels unstable and out of our control. Its not all that stark though, there are ways to balance and protect our inner peace and still ALOT to love about the world and our fellow humans.

Our basic human needs, our brain development and transitions from childhood through to adulthood remains the same, in fact the former two have been innate for thousands of years. So if the world is changing at pace, but our hardwiring isn't, it is not surprising that there are higher rates of anxiety, depression, health issues and lack of connection between us then ever before.

Its can be seen as a complicated web to navigate finding the right support, to understand what therapies are for what, how do we look after our well being on top of everything else?

At Connected Peace, we believe that we need to find a way to bring this together for people, to make it easier to understand the key areas in our lives that could do with some support to unlock our inner peace.

There are 10 distinct principles that support inner peace, which leads us to be able to assess and understand what would be the right support for an individual.

  • Self Awareness - understanding your own emotions, triggers and values. This forms the foundations of inner peace.

Are there some people, situations that just spark you off and you don't know why?

  • Mindfulness - Helps us to stay in the present and fully engage with the world around us. This can also help reduce stress and anxiety.

Are you constantly worried about the future or reliving negative situations in the past?

  • Compassion - Cultivating compassion for your self and others. Treating everyone with kindness, empathy, fostering harmonious relationships.

Is the way you talk to yourself so bad you would never talk to someone else like that?

  • Communication - Building open, honest, and respectful communications with loved ones. This helps promote conflict peacefully.

Are you finding that your relationships are fractured, with misalignment and misunderstanding?

  • Nature & Health - Connecting with nature and prioritising your physical and mental health through exercise, balanced diet and adequate rest.

Are you unable to maintain these areas of your life and its impacting other areas?

  • Community - Engage with your community and contribute positively to it. Building connections can lead to a sense of belonging and collective peace.

Are you feeling isolated from others?

  • Purpose - Discovering your life's purpose and work towards it. Aligning your actions with your values brings a sense of fulfilment.

Are you feeling a bit lost?

  • Sustainability - Consider the impact of your choices on the planet and future generations. Living sustainably contributes to Global Peace.

Are you clear how you can help out, even if just through your daily actions?

  • Education - Continuously learn and grow, fostering a deeper peace.

Are you clear what this means for you and how it could make you happy?

  • Mindset - Develop a growth mindset that embraces change and challenges as opportunities for personal and societal growth.

Do you hear your inner voice telling you cant do it more often then not?

If you answer yes for just one of these areas or more, it probably means that there are things you can do to increase your inner peace. They don't have to be drastic actions for everyone or for some they could mean more extensive support. There is no one size fits all.

What Principle Would You Most Like to Focus On?

  • Self Awareness

  • Mindfulness

  • Compassion

  • Communication


How do I know what I need?

It may be that you just need to set some time aside to focus on these areas and make small changes, such as a gratitude journal, treating your self to a yoga class. Or it may mean you need specialist therapy that can help navigate your way through trauma and/or challenges.

The NHS can help sometimes, but generally pathways can be very generic and may not look at the whole person, in regards to mental, physical, emotional and spiritual heath.

This is why Connected Peace is currently being born, in its infancy stage. We want to identify specialist in the 3 areas of Therapy, Coaching and Wellness. Bringing these specialist together and via effective assessment create bespoke support packages for individuals to help create their inner peace.

The start of this is through pop events, retreats and in the background gradually building the full suite of 'Peace Practitioners', so when you leave these events you have a clear pathway to sustainable change. We just wanted to share our vision with you early on!

So peace doesn't have to be so hard to find, its about bringing together the right people, at the right time, until each individual has the tools and practices to manage their own inner peace. Which in turn creates a community which supports peace for those around them too.


So What's Next For Connected Peace?

We would love for you to be part of our journey, the start of it is the below event being held in Worcester in January 2024; which will provides beginners yoga to prepare our minds (Relax), guided gratitude for 2023 (Reflect) and guided intention setting for 2024 (Refocus). Of course you cant have a community without some drinks and snacks after too!

You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram @connectedpeace, our website www, and if you have any further questions

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