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Get to Know Nic

Meet Nic, the visionary force propelling Connected Peace Coaching towards its mission of fostering enduring change for inner peace and personal achievement. With an unwavering belief that everyone, with the right guidance, possesses the potential to fulfil their life's purpose, Nic brings a distinctive fusion of business acumen and professional qualifications to orchestrate tailored and lasting transformations.


As a seasoned strategist and transformation expert, Nic has a distinguished track record of orchestrating complex changes within major organizations. Her impactful contributions include collaborations with industry giants such as BP, Castrol, Kraft/Mondelez, Deutsch Bank, Superdry, Boots Alliance, and Greene King. Drawing from extensive experience across public and corporate sectors, she excels in cultivating high-performing teams and championing leadership development.

Nic's proficiency, gained through both consultancy and in-house roles, positions her as a catalyst for sustainable and customized change, aligned with her dedication to individual and team growth. Holding accreditation as a coach from the International Coaching Federation and enriching her skill set with The Strategy Programme at Henley Business School, her multidisciplinary approach ensures a holistic perspective.

Beyond her professional accolades, Nic holds a degree in Social Welfare & Sociology, reflecting a past focused on crime prevention, particularly in child protection cases. This diverse background fuels her passion for client-led coaching, emphasizing holistic wellness, inner peace, and recognizing the interconnected nature of life and work.

Nic is on a mission to enhance self-awareness and understanding of one's emotions and drivers, fostering improved emotional intelligence and stronger relationships. Dedicated to providing the time and space to elevate the quality of thinking and conversations, she instils a profound sense of self-acceptance.

In her coaching style, she seamlessly blends pragmatism with warmth, making her an ideal choice for those seeking a trusting, empathetic, and honest coaching relationship. Her purpose is driven by building transformative journeys where practicality meets warmth, and the foundation of trust, empathy, and honesty paves the way for your personal and professional success.

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